My Approach

If we’re truly honest with ourselves, most of us would say that we can become more than who we are. And that’s true not only as individuals, but for organizations as well. So, if you’re in one spot yet there is another place where you’d like to be, there’s a gap. I work on the gaps. In fact, that’s how I derived the name for my firm. Like the keystone (the apex stone) in an arch, I view coaching as that building block between where you’ve been to where you and your organization want to be.

How I do coaching is just as vital as what I do. I approach my clients with empathy and structure, with knowledge and instinct, with heart and backbone. When working with my clients, I’ll know when to push the pedal, when to brake, and when to change direction. The aim is to drive behaviors that will make the biggest positive impact in the shortest amount of time.

I also know that coaching is done in context. For those clients sponsored by their employer, it is vital for me to know about the organization’s culture. The organization is expecting that coaching will ultimately answer these questions: Are there results? Will our business, our brand, and our culture become more vibrant because of positive changes in the person being coached? In this regard, I maintain regular communications with the client’s manager while respecting the confidentiality of the coach/client relationship.

And then, there’s the most critical factor of all: the client’s willingness to be vulnerable. This includes a willingness to receive candid feedback, to say “no” to old habits, and to apply new strategies—and not as an experiment but as a commitment. In this regard, I’m bullish in encouraging my clients to perform.

If you’re willing to take this on, here’s what you can expect: You’ll become more productive. Your customers will be happier. You’ll become a better version of yourself. You might even find your noble purpose.

And what could be better than that?